Opening audio clips in an external WAV editor?

Hi All:

I love the fact that Cubase has an excellent audio editor built right in. For most tasks, this is just perfect for me.

However, recently I added Izotope RX2 to my toolkit. And while RX2 includes several plugins that are useful within Cubase, I’m wondering if there’s also a way to open an audio file in the full RX2 application, edit, save, and pop back into Cubase with the updated file.

I used to be able to do this with my old DAW… just click on the clip and choose something like “Open in X” and it would work seamlessly, launching the audio editor with the WAV loaded and updating the clip when I saved and returned.

I’m sure I could hunt through the audio file directory and do this manually but that sounds like a bad idea.

I’m not looking to replace the internal audio editor for most tasks… but for certain things, RX2 offers a unique set of capabilities and I’d like to work in the full editor if I could avoid having to always use the plugins.

I cruised through the preferences looking for a way to set a path to an external audio editor but was unable to find one. I also cruised through the manual searching for such an option and didn’t see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


did I not get a response because…

A. There is no way to open an audio clip in an external editor from within Cubase 6
B. It’s so blindingly obvious that I’m just too stupid to deserve a response


I’m pretty sure the answer is no, you can’t open an audio event in an external editor from within Cubase directly. There are a bunch of reasons why they removed the capability (thinking it happened in SX, but it’s been a long time).

Thanks for responding. It’s kind of a bummer as RX2 is such a great tool and using it as a VST isn’t optimal.

At one time I thought they were talking about re-integrating Wavelab. But, that didn’t seem to happen. But, the main point was that the audio events aren’t necessarily contiguous representations of the physical file you would be opening in an external editor. It creates headaches for “undo” functionality, file locking etc…

In other words it would be hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Cubase could ceeate a (cropped) copy of the Audio Events wav portion, replace the event with this copy and opens an external wav editor. Easily undoable…

It IS possible, like it is necessary for wav drag’n drop…

Why do you think this is a bad idea? It’s exactly how I’d do it. The major drawback would be you couldn’t have the file open in Cubase when trying to use the other editor.

I didn’t say it couldn’t be done, just that ages ago when they took it out those were the types of justifications that were thrown around.

Thanks for a little bit of the history, good to read.