Opening Audition directly from Cubase project clip

Hello there!

I have been using Reaper occasionally for some editing purposes recently, and discovered a very helpful tool called ‘Open In Primary Editor’. This is a key command which allows me to select a clip, and then open the chosen clip within Audition, directly within Reaper using one command.

Is anything like this possible in Cubase? Ideally I would want to select a single clip in a project, and open that clip in Audition for additional editing purposes.

Thanks very much!

Not quite.

The closest you can get through Cubase is having Finder/File Explorer open with the correct file selected (Audio > Find Selected in Pool, then Media > Show In Explorer/Reveal in Finder).

You could use an external program (AutoHotkey, or some such) that triggers those key commands in Cubase, then runs Audition on the selected file in Explorer/Finder.

Not my workflow, so best on someone else to comment on possible file lock problems when having the same file open in multiple programs.

EDIT: Quick perusal of past posts states that you’ll e.g. lose all offline processing information on the file, there might be other cons too.


Thanks very much for your reply thats very helpful