Opening BFD2 in Artist 6 as multiple out instrument

First post here.
When I add an instrument(BFD2) it loads 1 track as BFD2. I want it to load as a multiple out instrument.
In reaper when I loaded a vst it asked if I wanted multiple outs or a stereo outs. Artist 6 doesnt ask and just opens a stereo track.
How do I do this in Cubase Artist 6 ?

I see an ezdrummer question the same as mine. Ill try that solution.
Search on this forum didnt work so well as I typed in Mulitiple outs and didnt get that thread.

the best thing to do is create a new cubase song.
open the vst intruments panel.
insert bfd2.
activate the individual outputs in the vst rack (see manual for info on this).
then in bfd2, go to the mixer channels and set drums to outputs.
then SAVE that as bfd2 preset.
then save the cubase song as a template.
now in future you can start work on a new song and have bfd2 configured as you want it.
or if yiu have bdf2 to an existting song, at least you can open it, activate the outputs then reload the correct preset settings from the ppreset you made.
you will have to read the manuals of course!
p.s. when you make the template, include other useful instruments as well like piano, bass etc.
savs a lot of time.