Opening Cubase 10 color always reverts to default RESOLVED

Despite saving a color preset in preferences every time I reopen a project the colors revert back to default. I have removed UserPreferences.xml file but problem remains the same. Black just sends me into depression mode. :confused:

Thanks in advance.


Are you sure the preferences is stored? Doesn’t Cubase crash (silently) while Quit? The preferences is stored while quit (not before). So if Cubase doesn’t quit properly, the preferences is not stored.

What colour settings exactly have you stored?

Hi Martin,

I have just deleted all of the stored color presets that I had saved and produced a new one called Blue. shut down and reopened project and bingo Blue was there. Possibly a combination of deleting the UserPreferences.xml and then deleting the stored presets still showing in preferences cured the problem.

Definitely Cubase 10.0.50 don’t store color scheme. Tried many times. Every new project I should enter my colors one by one.