Opening Cubase 4.5 on an old MacBook

Hi everybody,
sorry but I can’t find a post I had read sometimes ago about my problem…
I’m now running C11 on a MacMini late 2012 and it’s ok but I still own an old white 2006 MacBook where I still have Cubase 4.5…
When I moved the dongle and I tried to open Cubase, to revover an old project, it didn’t start and I got an error message regarding my dongle; what should I do? (I’d read that new licences cover the old ones too, I’m I wrong?)
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What does the error message say, please?

My expectation is, you have an old eLCC installed at your old MacBook. This old eLCC doesn’t know Cubase 11 license, because this license didn’t exist at the time, when the eLCC was released.

I don’t know, if this solution would work, but I would try to update the database in the eLCC. Maybe it would recognise the license after. Maybe, I would try to trigger the Maintenance.

Hi Martin,
at the moment I don’r remember what the message said, exactly, only the general meaning.
I can’t access the MacBook now because I haven’t it here , I’ll tell you as soon as I’ll try again.

I remember someone in the forum had the same problem, some time ago, but I can’t find out the post.

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HI Martin,
I finally could try to open my old Cubase and the message is:
eLicenser Control - Error
Application ‘Cubase 4’ has caused the following error
eLicenser contains no valid license for this application

My I try or do I risk to lose the licence I have for Cubase 11?
Thank you,

I’ve tried: no results… I first received a message saying that that my dongle version is too old (…) so I upgraded with the latest eLicenser version for OS 10.7, that is the one running on my macbook, but anything changed…
Fortunately I can still open my C11 on my Macmini ( that to me is something paradoxical…)

Any other suggestion would be very useful and welcome…



What can you see in the eLCC application, please? Can you see Cubase Pro 11 license there? Or is it listed as unknown license on the old Mac?

Btw, does the old project open in Cubase 11 (at your new system)? In general, it should work. Or did you use 32-bit Cubase and that time, so the plug-ins are not compatible anymore?

Hi Martin,
this is what I see in the MacMIni:

When I opened the eLicenser in the MacBook I could read Cubase 4.1 but it asked me to upgrade than I wasn’t able to do; I received a message stating that the e licenser is too old that is a paradox as I use it in a newer computer…


Are these screenshots from the old Mac? With the Dark scheme? What macOS version is it?

I can see Cubase Pro 11 license is available, there. You should be able to start Cubase 4.5 with this license. It’s not an issue, you don’t see any Soft license. The license is stored on the USB-elicenser.

Is your Cubase (4.5) 64-bit?

Hi Martin,
sorry for my delay…
These were screenshot from MacMini but when I tried to open Cubase (I also have 7.5 on Macbook, that I forgot to say) I received an error message saying that my dongle was too old…

In the meanwhile I’ve found the solution, on Steinberg site: License missing in eLicenser Control Center or named incorrectly ; this was the page someone had told me about in this forum (or in another one, maybe) but I had waited too long before trying the workaround and so I missed the post…
Now I can open both Cubase 4.5 and 7.5.

Hope this solution can be useful to some other user in the forum.

Thanks for trying to help me :slight_smile: