opening cubase 4.52 track in c6 -!!!missing DeEsser!!!

hi again… lol=)

so , i have a project from cubase 4.52 that i opened in C6…

now it says that I am missing the DeEsser…

also, since that message, i have this in my inserts list: Missing Plug-ins - !!! DeEsser !!!


1: how do i remove this greyed out missing deesser message?
2: how do i get my track to open the deesser correctly (with saved settings)?

thx for your help=)

The de-esser has changed in C6, so it won’t load old ones. The new one is better, but you’ll have to reset it by ear.
Just remove the greyed out one the way you would a normal one, click on the slot it is in.

thx aevans