Opening Cubase 4 projects in Cubase 7

Quite simply, will Cubase 7 allow me to open projects made in Cubase 4? I couldn’t find anything about it in the manual. I did find a post that said that it could open older projects, but it didn’t mention the version.

When I try, Cubase 7 starts to load the settings, but soon freezes/crashes while loading MixConsole settings each time.

If it doesn’t load older projects, is there any way I can copy across the data/settings manually somehow?

Many thanks in advance.

You can export midi/audio data to .wav and .mid files, via Cubase 4 and re-import the information into Cubase 7.

Be sure to save any presets in the previous version to the media bay and if both cubase versions are installed on the same machine, remove existing Cubase 7 preference files via the Application Data Folder and re-start Cubase 7, to allow copying of the previous Cubase 4 settings and presets.

Aloha S,

After reading your post I went back to see just
what versions of Cubase will open
for me in C7.

I can open files in SX3—>C4/5/6 all in C7.

The work-a-round posted by emotive will work
but perhaps you should also drop a line to the Steiny support folks.

Also your post did not say what gear you are using.
(PC Win 7 or Mac 10.8.2)

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for the replies, guys.

I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and it’s been painful… I’ve got LOTS of plugins that no longer work… in fact most of them, so I’m guessing that that is causing the real problem when the old project starts loading and crashes.

Thanks for the transferral tips, I’ll give them a go.