Opening Cubase 5 Created Projects in Cubase 7


I seem to be stuck… I hope someone has some thoughts…

I had Cubase 5 for a long time, with all the default instruments, and Halion Symphonic Orchestra 16 bit edition, etc.

I have so many compositions done in Cubase 5, but my computer is getting old and I want the latest and greatest.

So I have a new Windows 7 64-Bit system, to replace the previous Windows Vista 32 bit machine.

Cubase 7 installed OK, and I got the associated Halion Symphonic Orchestra installed that I was allowed to upgrade to. So here is my problem:

None of my Cubase 5 created projects open with any instruments. All I get are errors… Here is an example:

The plug-in “HALionOne” could not be found for Instrument Track “HALionOne 03”!
The plug-in “HALSymphOrch” could not be found for Instrument Track “Cello Duo”!
The plug-in “HALionOne” could not be found for Instrument Track “Cello Duo”!
The plug-in “HALionOne” could not be found for Instrument Track “Raspy Voices”!
The plug-in “HALSymphOrch” could not be found for Instrument Track “Percussion”!
The plug-in “HALSymphOrch” could not be found for Instrument Track “Rock Multi”

Meaning, HALionOne and HALSymphOrch are nowhere in the VST lists, so my project cannot be opened. It does not even give me the name of the instrument so I can manually browse to locate which one I should browse to.

Are there any tips so that everyone of my previous projects do not have to be rebuilt? I am pretty concerned that I may have to keep using the older Cubase 5 because it would be near impossible to upgrade 2 years of projects by hand.

It seems things have been renamed. Like there is no HALionOne, or HALSymphOrch anymore. They all have different names.

Thanks for anyone with any tips!


The HALion One and Symphonic orchestra libraries are only 32 bit plugins.

As an interim measure, you can install Cubase 32 bit (fully supported) on your 64 bit OS to buy you some time until you find a fully 64 bit compliant program such as Halion 4.

Thanks for the info! That is not what I quite wanted to hear… I had thought projects would move forward OK. All my VST’s are from Cubase, so I thought they would carry through.

I am able to MANUALLY try to reassign instruments. Maybe I can do this on some key projects, but the issue is that there is no way on CB7 to see what instrument was previously assigned, meaning, I have to move the USB key to the other CB5 machine, open the project, take a screen capture, come back to the CB7 machine and manually reassign the instruments.

The instruments are there, but Steinberg re-categorized them, as everything, including HALion Symphonic Orchestra is under Sonic SE.

Would you know of any viewer, or any way to see what the original instrument assignments were, so I would not have to switch back and forth between computers?

This is quite disappointing… I would think there would have been an easier way to carry previous version projects forward. Like a way to Alias a new name to an old name, or something.

Thanks again,


Emotive is the forum clown and thus anything he says shouldn’t be heeded.

All you need to do is install Halion One and the content and projects will open with the correct sounds loaded. It can’t be used in new projects, but all of the sounds are available in HSSE if you install the additional content for it on the install disk.

Sounds like you have the right idea :sunglasses:


I will try to install HALion 1 off the original Cubase 5 disks again, and re-install HALion Symphonic Orchestra also.

When Cubase 7 64-bit loaded a project with a HALion Symphonic Orchestra instrument, it crashed each time. Everything froze up. So when I reinstall, I will make sure it goes to the Program Files (x86) folder, not Program Files. Maybe that would get it to work and load the instruments.

It would be great to not have to rebuild all the projects over again.



by rights if you put the instruments in exactly the same place in the x86 steinberg folder as they were in c5 there should be no reason why those projects shouldn’t load :wink:

I have done this many times over, over the years for nearly all of my projects (currently over 20 of them) and the payoff is great, no instability whatsoever in my system; I can run Cubase for many hours at a time and cycle over individual parts without a glitch.

Well, I got things working. It is one tough process to get everything recognized… VST paths, updates, etc.

I can now load my HALionOne and HALion Symphonic Orchestra projects.

As stated earlier, I cannot browse for NEW instruments, but the old ones load. For new instruments I need to browse to Sonic SE instead.

I went back to the Cubase 5 disks, and installed the content over again, selecting 64-Bit when offered.

Thanks for the tips!

Now to just try to get a stuck tone wheel on my keyboard ignored. But that is another topic.


preferences > midi filter