Opening cubase 5 Projects with Cubase 6

Hey guys my Cpu keeps maxing out & crashing when i open my cubase 5 projects with cubase 6… ANY ideal why this will happen? And keeps dislogging my soundcard 4 no reason… When i go back 2 cubase 5 the problem is gone. Also the project when opened on cubase 6 when it manages 2 wrk just eats up the Cpu & i start 2 get cracks & pops…
Any help Welcome… Cheers

Have you installed it either on a PC, Mac, or perhaps, on iron :wink: . Details, please.

Ok srry am on PC platfrom. Window 7 64bit. 6gigg ram 1.86 quad core i7 processor. Cubase6 64bit. Cubase 5 is also 64bit. Hope this explains a bit more. Cheers

try to start a project from scratch, check device settings(ASIO drivers etc.). if everything runs smooth, so
try to reinstall C6, but before move pref folder of C5 to another place. let C6 make its own pref & settings instead of picking up the existing ones of C5.
BTW C6 x64 still has got a lot of problems because of x32 plugins. I had to reload my VSTi’s when open C5 projects in C6.

ok see. i have opened a fresh project on c6… But still got problems with NI plugins. It just max out the cpu. I will try 2 move the pre… but not really sure how 2 do this…