Opening Cubase 7.5 projects causes Cubase Pro 8 to crash

Hi there,

I have a serious problem with a project from Cubase 7.5. If I load it in Cubase Pro 8, Cubase crashes during loading the MixConsole tracks.

The first time C8 crashes I noticed that a track with Reaktor 5 caused the problem. So, I fired up C7.5, rendered this specific track and afterwards I was able to open the project in C8. Unfortunately the next time I tried to open the same project in C8 it crashes again, this time at another Reaktor 5 track.

How can this happen? It is very difficult to analyse problems in projects from older Cubase versions if Cubase crashes during loading the project.

What is the best practice now to proceed? An hour before I was able to load my old project in 7.5, now it doesn’t load any more.

@Steinberg: Could you please consider to enhance Cubase 8 in a way that it will not crash during loading a project but displaying problems with tracks/plug-ins afterwards?

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Try temporarily removing the Reaktor VST file from plugin directory. If C8 opens, then it’s an issue with that VSTi.

If it still crashes, take a look at what other plugins are in the project and repeat.

I have discovered a serious issue with Slate VCC through this method.

Thanks, you are right, Reaktor 64 bit in coexistence with the 32 bit versions caused the crash. I moved the 64 bit versions into a temporary folder and it works. There is obviously a problem - question is, if it’s a problem of NI or Cubase.

However, I think I will render the respective tracks to audio and remove the source tracks. Later on I will check whether Reaktor 64 bit in general works with C8 - hopefully;-)

I was having the same problem with reaktor, it just wasn’t crashing cubase. It itself would drop an ensemble and then change to a tiny window and resist resizing.

I recently had to reinstall all of windows and cubase and kontakt again, which was a nightmare, but I installed the 32 bit version and 64 bit version on different hard drives and put the .dll files for kontakt in the separate folders on the separate drives. That did the trick completely. Now if I sequence with lots of samples I run 64 bit and if I’m mixing mostly audio tracks I run in 32 bit. I use them about equally and I like the 32 bit version of cubase a tad better. More responsive, seamless operation.

Btw I’m running a 3.5 ghz i7 5930k with 16g ddr4 ram. The 32 bit installation is on a ssd and the 64 bit is on a hdd. The load time is cut in half by the ssd, but that’s not the reason the 32 bit is more responsive after it’s been built and is running… I don’t know what is but I wish the 64 bit version would behave the same way.

No noticible difference in plug in behavior from 32 to 64 bit, other than the obvious memory considerations.

You did not specify your system which would help with troubleshooting.
I always delete or move all 32 bit plugins that are duplicated in 64 bit. All other 32 bit plugins I use, which are only one or two, are J Bridged.
In short Cubase 64 is not very welcoming to 32 bit plugins. It never was, as the internal bridging never worked very well.