Opening cubase elements files in Artist

Hey Guys,
Recently I just upgraded to Cubase Artist from elements and all was going well, project files were transferring nicely except one project, every time I try to open this particular project file it literally crashes my whole computer, it doesnt have many vst plugins at all, compared to other projects that open and run perfectly!
I have been meaning to send off stems from this file so if anybody knows any solutions it would be greatly appreciated!

Assuming Artist has the function (not sure as I’m on Pro) you could try creating a new project and then using the Import Tracks from a Project function to bring the tracks across one by one. This may work, it depends where the error that is causing the problem is coming from.

Does the project still open in Elements? If so try to re-save it under a new name and if that doesn’t work try removing all the lpugins (from the Elements version) and then replacing some…etc

Unfortunately I uninstalled elements after it crashed for the first time hoping it would help the computer run, have just tried re installing artist and the same problem occured.
I have also realised that it isnt letting me load up any elements projects since the first time it crashed but the ones I loaded up before that still work fine.
The first time it crashed a system report came up saying that the battery needed to be replaced because it is hindering performance, do you think that the process of loading elements files in artist for the first time could be overloading the processing of my computer in its current state due to the worn out battery?
And could this explain why it still lets me open the projects from before it crashed?
Thanks for your help!