Opening Cubase in Win10 - doesn't come to front properly

Hi don’t know if this is posted as a issue but, when opening Cubase 8.5 in Win 10 while other applications are open, Cubase takes sometimes 3 clicks (clicking on the Cubase taskbar) for the main Cubase window to be visible.

I noticed that some recent ‘fixes’ to Startbar in Win 10 Insider Ring may have fixes for this but i am not running on the Insider ring (and it’s not recommended either).

Anyone have any news or confirmation of strange windows behavior in Win10?


I see this in Win 10, but here, I only see it when I launch Cubase while a chromium based browser is frontmost, or, when that browser is frontmost when I try to switch to Cubase.

If I focus the browser by any method, Cubase receives the click properly and and comes forward normally.

The links raz cozyr posted are more than a year old and are off-topic for this question.

Cubase supports Win 10.

did not know that, but it is also a difficoult process with the Redstone-compabiltiy, as well to get high-end results on Windows. but it´s only my meaning and an advice to work better, without several on long distance coming issues.