Opening cubase makes my sound card slow down sound and key.

Hi there, I’m having trouble with my soundcard, as sometimes when I open cubase, any sound files slow down and go down about 5 semitones, even when I’m playing music on a media player such as iTunes.

I’m using an M-Audio Audiophile Delta 24/96 sound card which is enabled. However, also in my machine is a Creative Soundblaster Audigy sound card, which for some reason, plays a major part in actually making the computer turn on. If I remove the Soundblaster, the computer doesn’t turn on.

Is there any way I can combat this changing of key and tempo?

Samplerate mismatch.

Ooh, thank you. I hadn’t thought of that. Is there any way you could tell me how to fix it?

Make sure your soundcard’s samplerate matches the project’s.

But how do I do that? The bottom of the arranger window says that it’s 44100 Hz, and the Codec Sample Rate is at 44, 100 too. Yet it’s still doing the whole Slow down change pitch thing. The Master Clock is set to ‘Internal Xtal’ (the only other option is S/PDIF In, which when selected means no sound comes out at all.)

Should I have the rate locked at all?

What rate does it say for one of the audio files properties?

Erm, for recorded (located in project audio folder) it says it’s 44 as well, for exported final piece it’s the same. :confused:

Well it definitely seems that something is causing your soundcard to change sample rate!

Yeah, but I can’t figure out what it could be? I had a thought it’d be the other sound card, but that’s been disabled.

I’ve put the sample rate up to 48,000 - it seems to have made a dramatic difference actually. How odd.

Choose your onboard SC for Windows via Control Panel then make sure the card’s samplerate in its control panel matches the SR in Project Setup. If Importing files, make sure Open Dialog is enabled in Prefs so you can convert if needed.

Okay, my onboard SC, I think, is the Delta 24/96. The project is at 44100, as is the sound card, however I can’t actually adjust the soundcard sample rate. It allows me to click but moves right back. I can only adjust the samplerate by adjusting the project settings, but that sends all my audio files on the project and stuff into higher pitched faster files.
It’s actually really starting to bug me, I can’t think where I’m going wrong here.