Opening Cubase Project Freezes Entire Computer?

The project was working fine a day ago, but something minor down the line has plagued the more recent saves. Very little was changed, but after opening the project and moving my mouse just a bit, my entire computer will become unresponsive. Even the spinning beach ball is locked at a static frame. It’s like I’m just looking at an image of my project. I have to power-off my computer and restart to quit Cubase.

Any thoughts on this + how to fix or restore the project?

If it starts with plugin folder hidden then you’ll know a specific plug is to blame and with some patience you can narrow it down until you find the problem one and remove it.
If it still crashes with no plugs there may be some corruption in the cpr itself and you will probably just have to work from an earlier backup.

What do you mean, “starts with plugin folder hidden?”

Rename the Plugin folder(s) and then try starting. If it starts OK you can start to narrow down which plugin is causing the issue.

Find your shared vstplugin folder or folders as listed on this page. (I would try the VST2 plugins first)

Create an empty folder beside the existing one (Not inside it) and move all the plugs to the empty folder.

Try to start your project…if it works copy back half the plugs and try again…keep going putting plugs in or taking out till you find the one plug that is crashing the project. (Assuming it is a plug!)

As planarchist says you can also rename the plugin folder to hide it from Cubase…but if you need to narrow down further you’ll need to move the plugs.