Opening Dialogues Causing Dorico to Crash


I’m having an issue that I hadn’t ever experienced before. I’m using Dorico 2, and whenever I try and open any pop-up menu (i.e Engraving Options, Layout Options, etc.) Dorico stops responding altogether, freezing up and crashing after a few minutes. It started today and is happening with all my projects, new or old. Any idea on how to solve this? Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you still open Dorico and then from the main menu do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’? If so, please post the corresponding zip file here. It will contain logs and crash files which will help us identifying your problem. Thanks

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for your help. Sure, here’s the zip file:

Dorico (137.8 KB)

Since the problem has started today, I wonder what you have changed on your system recently? Have you updated your operating system? Or any device drivers? Installed any other software, particularly anything that integrates deeply with the operating system?

I updated to Windows 11 recently, but Dorico worked perfectly for about a week and a half or so. The only other thing I’ve downloaded recently has been Max/MSP and Reaper. I used to have both on my computer before without issues with Dorico. Hope this helps. Thanks again for your help

I wonder whether it might be worth trying to update your graphics card drivers?

It might also be interesting to know whether Dorico 3.5 suffers from the same problem on your computer. Might you consider installing the trial version?

Dorico 3.5 works perfectly. Downloaded the trial and it’s fine. I know it’s probably time to update soon, but I don’t have the budget for it at the moment. Any idea what could be causing the malfunction in Dorico 2?

No, I’m afraid not. Dorico 2 isn’t supported on Windows 11 and we’re not going to be producing any further updates for that version at this stage. You have 30 days to use your Dorico Pro 3.5 trial, and if you’re unable to fund the purchase of the update at this stage, let me know when the 30 day trial is running out, and I’ll send you a further time-limited code to extend the trial for a while longer.

Thanks for your help anyways, I’ll do that. Very happy with Dorico 3.5 so far