Opening Dorico 4 file in Dorico 5 deactivated all suppress playback edits

I opened a dorico 4 -file in Dorico 5 and all notes with suppress playback toggled on returned to play back. However, the grey color stayed, which is the reason I noticed this only after a while.

If this happens to all Dorico 4 projects, I would think it could be a high priority to be fixed.

Sorry if this was already posted somewhere.

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I don’t find this to be the case, Sampo. I just created a project in Dorico 4 and set the Suppress playback property on a couple of notes. I saved it, opened it in Dorico 5, and as expected, the Suppress playback property is still set, now additionally set as Always, and the notes are not included in playback.

Well good to know it only happened to my project! I was using a custom script to toggle suppress playback, perhaps it can be related to that.

I’ll report back if I come up with a way to reproduce this.