opening drum & key editor

Anyone else having a problem with 6.06 opening the drum or key editor. I’ve been using Cubase for a long time and have never had a problem with either double clicking on the part or opening the editors under midi. Maybe I have a preference set wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


What problem exactly do you have? Key Editor opens, or doesn’t, or it is opened different window?

You can set, which editor will open by double click in the Preferences > Event Display > MIDI. On top is: Default MIDI Action.


Thanks for the reply.
In preferences it has key editor to open on default but that doesn’t happen. The only editor that opens at all from the midi menu is the list editor. I think it is a setting in preferences and I will check when I get back to the studio to see if your suggestion pans out. It’s very strange because I have never had this problem with any other version but it doesn’t sound like a bug anyway. Any other suggestion are appreciated.

In this case, I think, I can recommend just one proedure: trashing preferences.

Problem is solved. I went to Start/All programs/cubase6/properties/previous versions and went to the first version, updated and everything works as should. Thanks for the help.