Opening editor


I’m a bit desapointed with the 9.0.3 : I still prefer opening midi editor in its window and not on project one bottom. But I like the “Editor Content Follows Event Selection” feature.

The only annoying thing is that when I select a container in the main window in order to edit midi data in it, it displays the container at its beginning ! And 99.9% of the time, the things I want to edit are close to the cursor ! So when the container is very large, each time I open it, I must scroll untill the cursor ! :unamused: Not pleasant for my workflow… So why doesn’t it display the place around the cursor, just like when I open the midi editor by double-clic on a container because it was not already opened before ?

Or maybe there is a unknown to me feature that could avoid this ? Not sure ! :neutral_face:

:bulb: I suggest to give the possibility to user to decide where the editor display will be placed when opening…! :bulb:

Thanks for your attention.

I posted a feature request inspired by this, maybe you’ll like it.

Add “Link Project and Editor Cursors” option to Windowed Editors as well -

:imp: What ?? This feature exists in the “lower zone” thing ?? :astonished: :open_mouth: And not for other display ?? :unamused: Steinberg is really idiot !

This boring behavior is the same on 9.5 !!! Amazing !

Has this not been fixed yet? This is crazy that the editor doesn’t open at the cursor anymore!