Opening Elements 8 projects in Elements 10+

Hi all,

Anyone have any issues with opening Elements 8 projects in Elements 10+? I think it’s time to go up, but I want to make sure my old projects (current album writing sessions) are going to transfer over ok. Obviously, plug-ins might be tricky until they’re all installed ect, but as long as the audio all comes in at correct places, that’s the main thing.

Any issues that y’all know of?

Should work just fine. Cubase is great with backwards & forwards compatibility (e.g. you can even open Cubase 10 Projects in 8). A few days ago I was sorting through some older folders of work and opened an SX Project without issue in 10.5.

Just to be safe do a Save As… of the Projects and name them something like Killer Hit Song - version C8 so you have a clean version of the original. If you have Effects or VSTi’s you are using in 8 that are not available in 10 you should probably render those to audio files (don’t know if Elements supports Render In Place but if not you’d need export each track instead).

Fantastic. Thanks for the confirmation!