Opening existing projects hangs, errors,blue screens. 8.0.20

After upgrading, I got errors opening existing projects including it telling me the current project was created with a newer version than 8.0.20. (got love that one).

then it hangs for about 30 minutes, then opens to give me other errors, too numerous to name here, but I’ll come up with a short list soon.

Or, to save time, it just blue screens during start up. :laughing:

This is on Windows 7 64 bit Pro.

I ended up uninstalling (never done that before since 5.0) and rebooting, cleaning, and reinstalling.

(please don’t tell me I need to upgrade to Win 8.1. because it sucks so bad, MS is giving me a free copy of Win-10 due to that embarrassment. )

I’m glad its summer because I have other things going on and am not dependent on cubase working, but I’m sure many are.

UPDATE : I found out that in the fine print for Win 10, after a year they may begin to charge a monthly subscription fee for using it like Office 365…

So I will be sticking to Windows 7 Pro, and I never thought I would say this, but will buy a Mac before i pay Microsoft a monthly fee to use my computer.

Anyway, for now, I would just like to get Cubase 8 to work. I can even wait to until Cubase 8 works well, but for now, I’ll settle for it just working.

Bummer about 8.0.20 for you. I’m in a similar situation. No sound when loading .10 projects.

I’m also using Win 7. I think it’s a good choice, even now, for a DAW. For lots of reasons. It’s at the sweet spot of compatibility, and it doesn’t phone-home if you restore from a backup on a different SSD, like Win 8 does. Very backup image friendly.

As for Win 10, I’m going to stay away from it, too. But MS has officially debunked the subscription rumor.

That said, if you are not convinced they won’t do a 180, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the same thought.

Either way, I’d stay with 7 for a while longer. It’s battle-tested right now.

I would be surprised if Steinberg where to support Win7 much longer.

they will support the platform where a majority of their customers are.

I have read that MS will not charge a monthly fee, however will charge for the upgrade ($199) for Pro after one year. Fair enough but if this is done in a sneaky way, without making it clear up front, then I believe they will come to regret it.

Today, I decided to risk it and give Cubase 8.0.20 a try. Unfortunately, I got a crash opening an older project that had lots of soft synths and instances of PLAY. Rolled back to 8.0.10 and the same project opens and plays without problems. Guess I’m waiting for the next update as this one is not working for me either.

EDIT: The good news is that, on Windows 7, rolling back to a previous update is extremely easy!

disgraceful update. I had to roll mine back too. Crashed as soon as it opened one of my templates!

yes, that seemed to be my problem exactly. I have not rolled back yet however. I’ll just wait for 8.0.30 or soemthing. :mrgreen: