Opening file made in FiRe 2 crashes Wavelab 7

I’ve been recording some files in FiRe 2. It’s an audio recording app on the iPhone. When I try to import them to Wavelab 7 on my MBP it just crashes the program. These files open fine in Cubase 6.5, iTunes or Quicktime.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have any idea why these won’t open properly.


Using wavelab 7.2.1?
Please pass me a file so that i can find the problem.

Hi Phillipe,

Yes I’m on 7.2.1

I tried to open Wavelab to verify that this was the file causing the problem and now WL won’t play any file although it doesn’t crash it just gives me a beachball. The meters show signal but the cursor is not moving across the file.

There’s definitely something wrong with the program right now. I’m not sure it’s the FiRe 2 file but I’ll send it anyway.


So I got Wavelab working properly with other files. The problem was an audio device called Greatyy Sytem Audio that I had used at one point for something else which WL was trying to use. I’m using the N12 and all is well.

However Wavelab still crashes whenever I try to open one of the files made on FiRe 2.

Thanks for the help PG. It’s much appreciated.

The file you sent me opens correctly in WaveLab 7.2.1 Mac or Windows…


That’s not what happens here. Wavelab just quits. Interestingly it also makes the “.gpk” file for the wav or aiff it won’t open.

I can reproduce now, but it only happens with WaveLab 7 64 bit.
Two work arounds: use WaveLab 7 in 32 bit.
Or update to WaveLab 8, where the problem does not occur in 64 bit…

Thanks PG.

I notice the gbk file created was zero bytes in all the instances where the file wouldn’t open.

It works in 32 bit mode. Also the gbk file gets made correctly in 32 bit mode and then opens in 64 bit mode as well without crashing WL.

I’m sure this means more to you than it does to me.