Opening files from a NAS - unsolicited overwritten

My Dorico files are on my NAS and I work with them on Dorico 3.5 (on my iMac) and with Dorico-for-iPad.
With Dorico-for-iPad it is very cumbersome to open these files. In addition, a local copy is created on the iPad. Saving this file on the NAS is also only possible with a detour.
It works, but it would be nice if there was a better solution for this.

I now run into the following problem:
A file from the NAS is open on the iPad.
This is now on the iPad and the changes are saved locally.
Now if I open the original file from the NAS again, the file on the iPad will be overwritten immediately.
No warning that this is happening or a request to make a second version.
I assume this is not the intention or am I missing something?

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll check into it. There should be some protection over the project in the app’s sandbox being overwritten, but perhaps something is not working there. If there’s a problem in that area, I’ll be sure to get it fixed.

Thank you,