opening files without loading vst instruments


Anyone know if Is there a way to open Dorico files without loading the vst instruments. Sometimes I need to copy parts of a song from different files and it would be faster.

Thank you

Have you tried setting the Playback Template to Silence?

Thank you Derek,

Yes I know that possibility. I was researching if it was some hidden key command to open any file in silence mode, without having to wait for the first vst load and having to do the steps to silence each of the files I would like to copy from.

Thanks any way!

I have VSTs on an external HDD and if it’s not connected Dorico ask if it should ignore and try next time, which is sometimes handy.

VST management and project switching is definitely an area for improvement though

Hello Theoretica,

Thank you so much for the tip. That is a great way of avoiding wait for VST loading.