Opening from cubasis to cubase: SOLVED

I can’t get files that I imported from cubasis to open in cubase elements 7. Keep getting message: Can’t read cubasis project file-reason unknown. I successfully imported to itunes using file sharing. I see the file in my shared projects folder. In cubase I went to file, import, cubasis project. When I try to load the file, the drop down window shows file type.cbp, But my project folder is empty. If I choose all type files it shows my project, but gives me the same error message. I’ve tried this numerous times and can’t open the files. I had previously downloaded 1.3 importer and downloaded 1.4 today, thinking that might help. I’m using windows 7 pro. Nothing seems to work.


Could you please send us a project that does not work to be able to test it here?

Hi jffi,

I test it with Elements 7.06 build 2231, W8, W7 and Osx 10.8/10.9 and importer 1.4.
Sorry it’s not reproducible here.

We need more detailed infos about the project or please send us the project.

best jan

I think I figured it out. I finally got a project to open. I had to unzip the file before I could import it to cubase. I hope that’s the solution.

Yes, you have to unzip the projects before you can import them.