Opening Halion Sonic "SE" USER presets in HALion Sonic

Is this a Cubase 9.5 issue or just HALion?

I saved a multi-instrument with HALion Sonic SE, and I want to open it with either of the bigger siblings: HALion Sonic and HALion. No Joy. It doesn’t show up. Even copying the preset where it exists on my hard drive to the respective places for HALion Sonic & HALion doesn’t work.

Can we not make these 3 programs compatible? If I’m inspired to go out and buy HALion Sonic, I’d expect an easy transition…

Halion 6 opens Multis from both Halion Sonic SE and Halion Sonic. The Halion Sonic SE multis don’t show up in Halion Sonic, likely an oversight.

It’s a bug then… Thanks.