Opening instrument channel settings from midi channel

Hi I suppose that it’s been asked before but couldn’t find it by searching

Is there a way to make the Open channel editor key command to open the instrument channel editor (track or rack) that is connected to a midi channel?

I never use the midi channel editor and it would speed up my workflow

You can, of course, open the instrument that the MIDI channel is directed to with the little keyboard icon to the right of the MIDI channel selector in the Inspector.

But to open the channel editor for the Instrument/Instrument Track you can use the “e” button on the right side of the Channel/Instrument Tab in the Inspector for the MIDI channel (about half way down). Not sure about a key command.

Only thing is this will change the selection to the Instrument Channel or the Rack Instrument.
But I’m not sure that you can have a Channel edit window open anyway without the corresponding channel being selected, so . . .


Thanks hugh, I use all that, but I was hoping for some preference or keycommand.

Y have a button in my mouse to open the channel editor, so it’s very fast. With midi channels It just opens the midi editor which I have no use for.

I don’t really use the midi channel editor either.

As far as I know there isn’t a keyboard shortcut for this. All channel editors are connected to the “e” key so changing one would change all.

However, if you open your midi channel editor with “e”, to the right of the channel name at the top, next to the magnifying glass icon is a right arrow. That takes you directly to the instrument channel.

So its two steps instead of one, but still beats scrolling.