Opening location

Is there a reason why Dorico 4 opens a file where it does in the score? I am working in Galley View, and for - say - five times in a row the file will open at the beginning of Flow 1 (there are 5 flows). Now, it is opening in the middle of Flow 2; last week it was Flow 4. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what I am adding/editing, and I save every few minutes; when it was opening on Flow 1, I hadn’t been working on that flow for several sessions.

Not really a problem, but I am curious as to how Dorico figures out where to place me in the score.

There was some discussion of this last May and October. No firm conclusions or fixes.

Mark - thanks for the info. Good to know I’m not missing something obvious. As I say, it’s not a real problem - the Jump bar certainly helps in that regard.

Appreciate the clarification/explanation!