Opening Lower Zone - erases - Controller Lane Setup in - editor windows! Give us CC Lane Scrollbar!


1.) Create a MIDI track and Event
2.) Open the MIDI Editor Window
3.) Create a Controller Lane Setup with multiple lanes of which wouldn’t fit in a typical Lower Zone minimized state.
4.) Close the MIDI Editor Window
5.) Reopen the MIDI Editor Window to confirm the Controller Lane Setup you set was retained, and close the MIDI editor window again.
6.) Of the same event, open the Lower Zone editor
– You will see that your Controller Lane Setup you made in the Editor Window is not represented in the Lower Zone Editor
– Open the MIDI Editor Window, you will see your Controller Lane Setup has been reset

video evidence:

The Lower Zone setup should be completely separate from the editor windows!

Especially considering many controller lane setups simply will not even open in the Lower Zone and instead shows this message:
cant fit 2

Check this out, same test, but with Lower Zone maximized, and then minimized.

None of this would be a problem if CC Controller Lanes had a scrollbar!