Opening montage created in earlier versions of WL in WL8.5

I have several montages that were created in WL6 that contain clip plug-ins. Opening these montages in WL7 the clip plug-ins and their settings open as well without any problem. Upon opening these montages created in WL6 with WL8.5 the “Missing plug-ins” window is displayed showing the “Original” and “Replacement” plug-in. Choices are “OK” or “Abort.” Clicking “OK” adds the plug-ins to the desired clip but the plug-in settings are the default.

Opening a montage that has clip plug-ins created in WL6 with WL7 works just fine. Saving the WL7 montage and opening that in WL8.5 works just fine too. Am I missing a plug-in setting somewhere in WL8.5 that will allow me to go directly from WL6 to WL8.5 and the plug-in settings transfer as well?

No you’re not missing anything. Wavelab 6 plugin settings are lost when opened in Wavelab 8. Hopefully that will be changed in Wavelab 9.

Thanks! Looks like the work around is to keep WL7 installed and use it as a go between to WL8.5.