Opening Nuendo 3 Projects in Nuendo 12

Looks like I will be upgrading to a new system with Nuendo 12. I have a few Nuendo 3 projects that I have backed up and will want to move into the new rig. They will have the same UAD plugins that I had in the old rig…

Can anyone tell me if there are any issues with opening old projects in N12? If so, is there a workaround?

Your issues will be with old plugins perhaps not translating into the new versions. Sometimes they just don’t work well, or at all. They don’t automatically recognize the new plug in version. As one example, Focusrite’s Red plugins. At some point, they completely rewrote them, so they no longer are able to go from an old to a new version.

I always, always, always, save my plug in settings on the plug in manufacturers proprietary system, which is DAW independent. This way, I can open a new plug in version, and instantiate the settings. If you did this, then you’re almost good to go.

I was able to open Nuendo 1.X projects this way. Only a couple of old plug ins, which are no longer made, did not make it to the new version.

Thank you!

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The built in Nuendo Dynamics plugins changed (and not be available in 12) somewhere between 1 and 12 which I’m pretty sure this will affect opening V3 projects?
Do a test.