Opening Nuendo files still directs to 10.2 after upgrading to 10.3


Do better. Are your programmers asleep over there?

N10.3 is not an update to N10.2. it is installed as a separate application, which is unusual for Steinberg updates.

If you have a shortcut on your desktop that opens N10.2 you need to create another one that opens N10.3.

Since you don’t have your system specs in your sig, nobody knows if your on a Mac or a PC. Simple solution to your issue, but different for the 2 platforms.

PC. I fixed it, but it’s unprofessional for a software company.
If this kind of thing happens with freeware, fine, but with a $1000 product marketed at high-end production houses? Nope.
We need to update and get back to work, not fiddle with loose ends by developers.

Even after redirecting the “open with” to point toward 10.3, it was still opening all other Nuendo files with 10.2, so I had to remove the 10.2 .exe file manually.

I believe this was clearly spelled out in the release notes It was also well documented here during the roll out.

You did read the release notes, right? I never install anything on my system without at least glancing at them…