opening old cubase 4.5 songs

I have been using Cubase 4.5 since 2009 and my trusty old Power Mac G5 from 2004 has died in the middle of a big project. This was a old non intel mac. If I buy a new pro mac with OSX 10.6 and upgrade to cubase 6 will I be able to open these old 4.5 song files? I am concerned because of the new mac being intel based. Did rossetta work for you guys or were there problems? These old songs have Battery 3 as a drum plug in. It looks like my DVD installation for Battery 3 does have a universal version on it. I bought it in Oct 2006. I understand the new Lion OSX is a problem (no rossetta).
Would I be better off buying an old used G5 and finishing the project or upgrading now?

Cubase4 songs should load into Cubase6. You can also continue using C4 with your new Mac. C6 license allows you to run all previous versions of Cubase.

Just make sure all your 3:rd-party plug-ins are also compatible with Intel-based systems and sound interface drivers are compatible with new OSX.

If that’s the case, I can’t see any reason to buy an old G5 machine. But I wouldn’t recommend to switch Cubase version in the middle of the project.

Speaking from just a PC experience here, but I have had problems opening older projects occasionally, but usually can get it sorted out eventually. If an old project is crashing Cubase, try opening it in a copy of say Cubase 5 then saving on the way to v6, or reopen in v4 and try removing whatever you think might be crashing it, though this can be somewhat of a guessing game, but just keep an eye on things that are loading right before the crash. My last problem, which was opening a Cubase 3 project in Cubase 6, was solved by opening it in Cubase 5 first…I believe it was a disparity in the expected connections. Anyway, after succesfully saving it in Cubase 5, I could then open it in Cubase 6, where I could not before that intermediate step. You can run a copy of Cubase 5 off the Cubase 6 license on your dongle (and probably v4 for that matter), even though your previous version was 4.5, and you’re skipping paying for Cubase 5 so to speak. Trick might be finding installation media.

Not trying to scare you away from upgrading…sounds like you are at a point where you should do so.