Opening Old Cubase Files into Cubase Elements 8

I have an old computer working on Windows XP and an old version of Cubase (SE). Before buying a new computer and new software, I wanted to check that the old files will be OK. So, I downloaded the trial version of Cubase Elements 8 to a small laptop with Windows 8.1. I opened up an old Cubase SE file and was pleased that the file did indeed open up. The file had both audio and midi tracks. I could play the audio tracks OK. However, I have so far been unable to get the midi tracks to become audible. I have tried to assign a VST instrument to the track but there is no sound when I play it back. I have tried to follow the manual but frankly I do not find it helpful.

I am sure that someone else must have been through this process.

Hi and welcome,

When you connect the output of the MIDI track to the VST Instrument, could you see (visually), the signal is coming to the Virtual Instrument? Can you see any MIDI activity? Can you see movement of the virtual keyboard? Which Instrument are you using?

Is your VST Connections > Outputs routed properly? Can you hear your Audio tracks?