Opening old score and it's all out of whack

I had completed working on this score about a month ago and exported it as a graphics file. Today I accessed the score again and it was not as I had left it.

Starting a bar 70 some bars got overlapped and from 116 to the end the slurs, articulations, voices and stem and beaming are all off. I’m wondering what might have caused this.

It’s only 3 pages so I have attached a zip. Thanks.

p.s. I tried to attached a pdf of the print out so the differences could be readily seen but can’t do pdfs. (709 KB)

Some things to consider:

Did you update Dorico between the last time you opened the file and today? Some of the updated formatting options could be playing into this.

Is the problem just with the manual placement of some notation? For some reason your music might have been re-flowed.

Have any fonts changed on your system? It’s a long shot, but that can impact a layout engine. If you’re on Windows 10, the latest update sometimes goes out-to-lunch on fonts. A reboot can sometimes clear it up.


I’m not a fantastic proof reader, but it doesn’t seem too bad to me… just reloading a Dorico project sometimes tidies it!

Attached is pdf of the violin part, as opposed to the score. The part has very few clashes.

Bar 130 took up a whole line but this was corrected by creating a system break after bar 127.

Bar 120 may or may not need tidying depending on whether you want some notes to have downward pointing stems (but I think perhaps you intended it the way it’s written!).

There’s a slur unattached in bar 123.
crypticvis4 (125 KB)

I have not upgraded since upgrade 3 nor done anything else I can think of to cause that. Since I can’t post a pdf you can’t see what it looked like before, but there are a lot of wrong stem directions, whacked out short slurs, broken beaming and the low A in bar 72 actually belongs after the Bb in bar 73. I do see I have a redundant 6/8 meter sig tho. I’ll basically have to redo all the affected bits, I’m just curious as to why it happened.