Opening Oldish Files


When I open older project files I’m finding that I any instruments (Kontakt,Halion SE) have loaded don’t produce any audio. I can see the midi data activating the vst software, but no sound comes out. I’ve checked to see if the outputs are wrong, but they seem okay. When I open an old file (but not very old - maybe only a couple of months) I often have to go to connections and set up the outputs and then I often have to insert a new instance of the VST and set everything up again (I often use multis). This is a pain - and I can’t find a solution. Can anyone help?


If the old project was made using 32bit plugins and you now are running Cubase 9, then they would be missing.
If the older project was made with another sound device the routing would be the cause.

Thanks. That may be it.