Opening plugins. Simple question.

How do you open the plug-in editor when working in the mixer sends?

In ‘inserts’ rack we just double-click. so what to do in the send rack?

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Yep, simple answer.

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ALT-double-click on the send will open up the first effect in the FX channel you’re sending it to.

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For Galvin: You can also right-click on the send level in mixer view and choose EDIT EFFECT…“xxx”, to get to a plug-in editor. To reveal the send effects, click on the send button row on the specific channel needed and your send plugs should show…ensure visibility is enable from the left side pane.

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I wonder why the insert rack is different! double-clicking allows the operator to enter a fader value ok but CB6.5 had the fader and the numeric value in separate positions. They save space but perversely add space in the racks with redundant rows!

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Glad to help. Version 7 is markedly different and, like the previous versions, will have revamps to sort out the the redundancy and ergonomics. In the meantime, you might want to check out as they have some great tutorials on everything DAW related including version 7 tips/tricks, etc.

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