Opening Program Frozen

Tried changing my device output, and now I’m stuck on this every time I go to open up the program. Help!!

Welcome to the forum, @jacksonhollo2

Have you considered removing the Dorico program and reinstalling the program?

Please do not post the same question (or related questions) in more than one thread. Many of the Development Team read every message, as do most of the people who are willing to help when they can.

Every time I open Dorico, I see this message. I’ve redownloaded everything 3 times and I’m still getting this error code

Does playback work as expected? If so, do what I did and click that little box that never shows it again. :sunglasses:

I should have specified, but playback is not sounding. The green line still moves, but k can’t hear any audio.

Hi @jacksonhollo2 ,
also welcome from me and sorry for your trouble.
@Derrek 's advice is well meant, but in this case won’t have any effect.
But no worries, we’ll get you up and running again.

In the File Explorer’s address bar copy and paste %APPDATA%/Steinberg/Dorico 5 and in there rename the file preferences.xml to something else, e.g. _preferences.xml
Then, to make really sure the audio engine is not around, reboot your machine and see how that goes. If still not good also go to %APPDATA%/Steinberg/Dorico 5 AudioEngine_64 and also in there rename the file Defaults.xml to something like _Defaults.xml.
Again, after a reboot, how does Dorico then behave?


:laughing: Thank you @Ulf. I was about to tell Jackson to try getting rid of the init file but couldn’t find it in any of the folders: I forgot about appdata. Lucky I didn’t find it, since I would have suggested deleting it rather than the safer renaming it.

@jacksonhollo2 , glad you are in touch with Ulf; hope you find the solution soon.

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