Opening Project from Windows Explorer - No Dice!

So, in 8.5 I have noticed if you go to your project via windows explorer and Cubase is NOT open and you click the .cpr to open the song nothing opens!

Cubase will launch but it just sits there. ALL it does is launch Cubase. I have to then open the song via the open tab in Cubase.


Is this a new ‘feature’ (ahem) or is this a bug?


I noticed this. Bloody annoying!

Just checked and it works fine on my PC. I did have to pick a new “open with” program though as it was set to use Cubase 8 as the default.

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Well, on my system its opening the correct program…it just never launches the project.

You could try dropping the cpr file onto the 8.5 icon on the desktop, does this work?


Known issue, click Grim’s link…

The link states it is for Win 10. The op is having issues in Win 7.

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The OP on the link is just saying they are on Win10. This doesn’t meant the issue is limited to W10.

I don’t think it’s limited to just Windows 10. I’m on Windows 7 and I have this problem.

Currently, any Cubase project I want to open I must click on the project icon then move it over on top of the main Cubase icon. Then the project opens normally.

Based on this thread and the responses to it apparently you are right to say that this issue is not limited to W10… but the linked thread states it is related to Win 10. No mention of other operating systems are listed and the assigned BON-14529 is associated with that. Maybe another BON needs to be issued. Or at the very least the locked linked thread should be updated to document that BON-14529 is associated with “whatever” operating systems that have the same problem.

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No other report is needed. The actual bug report resides in the system the devs use.