Opening Project On Starting Cubase


Can you have Cubase 7 automatically open the last project you were working on when starting up? I’m sure I was able to do this in an earlier version. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, Steve

Interesting cause I can’t find it, but then I can’t remember where it was! Used it a fair few times too in the past, wonder if they missed it out or removed it, or maybe we’re blind??

Actually I normally to open projects by dragging the .cpr file from Explorer (Win7) and dropping on the Cb7 icon. This is because I also run Cb6 so I like to know which version I’m using. And I sort my Explorer files/folders by Last Modification Time so I can see which I’ve been working on most recently.


This was available in v5 and 6 I believe. It should be under Preferences>General in Cubase 7 but with the introduction of the SB Hub your only option is to disable the hub. Kinda peculiar, eh?

Good to know that I’m not on my own with this one. No idea why it was taken out. :open_mouth:

Please Steinberg, give us that option back in a future update - I for one found it useful at times.

Aloha M, and +1.

There are several threads on this topic in the
‘Feature Requests and Suggestions’ forum.

Here is one:

Thanks for that. I need to improve when it comes to looking in other boards/threads. :blush:

While we’re on the subject, is there a way to get all the Cb7 forums into one single amalgamated forum?