Opening projects copied to a new drive

OK, here’s a tricky Cubase 10 Pro (Mac OS High Sierra) question: I recently upgraded my ‘projects’ drive to an SSD (via Thunderbolt Thunderbay 4-bay chassis). The old drive (still connected) is a standard SATA HD. I copied my projects folder to the SSD (which includes ALL necessary files - audio, images, etc. - i.e. each project is in a self-contained folder - no external files are referenced), opened Cubase and selected a project from the new SSD. It prompts me to select the working directory on either the old (HD) drive where the project was originally created; or the NEW SSD drive where the project was copied (and opened). Selecting “NEW” (SSD) works fine for some projects, which take longer to open, but do so after about a minute. However some projects can take an hour or more (at which point I usually force-quit Cubase and try again). Does anyone have a clue how to get around these long delays for those ‘sticky’ projects without defaulting to the old drive?

I did yesterday move some projects to another drive and all worked perfect. I would suggest to delete the project from the old drive ( keep a backup on a 3rd drive) and open it from the new one to see the behavior.

Made no difference. What did work is to run a “Backup Project” in Cubase starting with the project opened from its original location (HD); then save it to the SSD; then open from the SSD. The problem is, this is not an issue with all projects (1 out of 10); which leads me to think there is some buggy issue with the way Cubase reads a project - i.e. it has dependencies for the files stored in the location where it was created. It would be nice for a future update if the application could simply ignore this parameter - as it knows it is a new drive by the prompt that comes up to choose a " NEW working directory".