Opening projects with Halion One tracks in Cubase 6.

Since Halion One has been replaced by Halion Sonic SE in the new Cubase 6, I wonder what will happen if a project containing Halion One instruments is opened in the new version.

As it’s possible to install C6 alongside C5, I’d imagine it’ll open fine. HALion ONE was actually a seperate VST2 install, so you could leave it installed. Over time you could migrate the H1 projects to HSSE … at least that’s what I hope to be able to do.

For whatever it’s worth I read in the website copy that the One instruments were all transferred over; that might bode well for compatibility.

In the meantime I can confirm that existing C4/C5 projects with HALion One tracks open fine in Cubase 6, assuming you just install C6 alongside C5 (which is probably to be recommended for while at least!).

If you’ve uninstalled C4/C5, or for new users who’ve not had C5 or C4 installed, the C6 installer gives the seperate option to install HALion One as well, for cases where such projects might need to be opened. The documentation recommends not using HALion One in any new projects, however.

A good course of action might be to update any existing projects to use HALion Sonic SE with a view to eventually uninstalling HALion One to save a few GB of disk space.