Opening Score Editor in Cubase Elements

ABSOLUTELY! Steve…PLEASE tell me how to get/open the Score/Notation Editor of Cubase Elements 9. I have searched everywhere and found the Piano Roll by double-clicking the piano track, but I cannot find the notation screen. I truly would like to investigate Cubase’s ability regarding notation as all my friends in this thread has the highest regard for it.

I am used to work in Cakewalk Sonar and remember that I was not very impressed with THAT DAW’s notation ability, but knowing Steinberg…I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks my friend

Greetings Hans

Elements only has the rudimentary editor, which lacks page mode, so you won’t see any formatting options, but it is a capable notation based midi editor.

Select a midi part in the project view, In the menu got to Go to MIDI>Scores>Open Score Editor

That’s all there is to opening the score editor in Elements. Be sure to go to Score Settings and set the display quantization after you play in some material.

Thanks Steve.

Yes, but ‘open score editor’ is greyed out. What am I missing?

That you have to have a midi part or parts selected?