Opening Sibelius XML file makes Dorico crash

I tried 4 times in a row to open an XML file in Dorico, but the program crashes every time. A friend send me his Sibelius Ultimate file with the request to export it as Sibelius 6 because his Sib Ultimate was acting weird, something wrong with the score. After I send it I wanted to check how it would look in Dorico, but both the Ultimate and the Sibelius 6 XMl exports make Dorico crash. Could this be the reason that my friend’s Ultimate started to act up? Something wrong with the score itself? I opened many XML score in Dorico and it never crashed.

Dear Andre,
It sometimes happened to me as well — but not since I use the Dolet (free) plug-in in Sibelius. Have you tried that ?

no, where can I find this plugin?

Found it, thanks for letting me know, Marc.

No, still not working. Dorico crashes still. There is for sure something wrong with the Sibelius Ultimate file. My friend cannot even open the program any longer and now works n Sibelius 6. I advised him to have a look at Dorico…

Please send, if possible, both the Sibelius score and the MusicXML file to me by email and I’ll take a look to see why importing it causes Dorico to crash.

I have send the files. Thanks, Daniel.

Hi Daniel, did you find the reason why the Sibelius XMl file I send you crashes Dorico?

I’ve not had a chance to look at it yet, André, but I will try to do so today.