Opening some plug ins crashes C6

C6 acts really strangely with my plug ins…sometimes I can’t load a plug in ( example Halion) then another time I try to load omnisphere and C6 crashes and then impossible to load the Amps…
This never happened with Cubase 5.
Now I install C6 for the 3rd time. :blush:
Does any one has the same thing happening?

I wouldn’t re-install Cubase 6. Try removing all of the plugins that you can, and test with each one.

Also, what are your system specs and the audio card/interface you are using?

Hi John,
thanks for helping.
This problem occurs only with C6 in (32 bit mode) and not with C5.
I have apogee Duet, Mac 2.66 Ghz Quad Core.
I’ll try to do this test!

Sure thing. One thing I’ve found with both C5 and C6, is that the vast majority of users have found this stable on both Macs and PC’s. So (in my opinion) I would shift the focus on “a problem with Cubase” to- “what is making it crash?”. I think you’ll have better results with this perspective.

Also, could you please add how much memory (ram) you have?

Please keep us informed of your progress.