Opening steinberg zip

Hi I’m so far unable to access dorico, which I purchased today. How do extract?

Did you download Dorico via the Steinberg Download Assistant? You should find that it offers to perform the extraction for you. Are you getting any specific errors that you can tell us about?

Yes, the download assistant. No error cited. SDAssistant zip icon appears on desktop, when I click on it, same icon appears with exe suffix, but clicking on that just created another zip icon on the desktop.

have you tried to right-click onto your icon?
You might get more options that way.
(I am no Windows user, but this is, what I would try first).

585alan, it sounds if you’re struggling to get Steinberg Download Assistant itself installed (which is a little ironic, since it is designed to make the process of downloading and installing our products easier, something at which it’s clearly failing for you!). You should find that if you download from this link: it will download an executable (.exe) rather than a zip archive, and double-clicking the downloaded .exe should allow you to start the installation process successfully.