opening Studio One projects in Cubase

Please let me know if I can easily import the StudioOne session / project into Cubase 9,5?

I am trying to import StudioOne tracks, and so far strange things happen … i.e. the import is ok, but the track is like being in tempo x50, i.e. while a track has 3 minutes, the track has 30s; I can manually stretch it, but this is unmanageable work, otherwise it will not be precisely done.
Maybe something in the settings must be changed somewhere … someone knows what? I am looking for and looking for and nothing … or in the export settings in StudioOne …?

And it would be best if I could load the entire SO project into Cubase …

Someone suggest?

A couple of thoughts…

  • Make sure the sample rates in each program are set to the same value.
  • Make sure each project is saved with the same BPM value.

Regards. :sunglasses: