Opening SX3 projects in LE5

I have some old Cubase SX3 projects I want to open with my recently acquired LE5 (via H4N recorder)
Will my LE5 license allow me to run the SX3 being provided for project conversion??
If so, then I must be doing something wrong because I can’t get it to run, I keep getting a message from the eLicenser saying it does not have a license for SX3.
I’ve installed and registered LE5, downloaded and installed SX3, installed the latest version of eLicenser ( and still can’t run SX3.
Any help will be appreciated.

You can not run SX3 (which some people paid a lot of money for some years ago) with a free LE 5 license…

I know, I was one of those who payed a lot of money for my SX3, but I dont have it anymore.
So, is buying a full Cubase version my only option to open those files?

According to this, Studio or Artist version should be enough, depending on which features of SX3 were used and are available in these versions…