Opening the score editor won't automatically create a layout

In empty project, do the following to reproduce the issue I’m having:
1) Add MIDI track.
2) Draw MIDI part.
3) Select the MIDI part and click Scores > Open Score Editor.
4) Exit Score Editor.
5) Open the Scores menu.

→ The Open Layout… submenu is greyed out.

→ The layout will be created only when the bars are redistributed (using the Glue/Scissors tool, or the Number of Bars window)…

Can’t Cubase behave like before? If I remember correctly, older Cubase versions would create the layout without additional steps from the user’s part. You would just open the MIDI part with the Score editor and, voilà! The layout came into existance…

I do not remember it behaving differently.

Just hit the Apply button in Score settings, or do any Layout function. This will create a Layout,