Opening tracks on Macbook

I recently installed Cubase on my Mac. I tried to open the tracks saved on an external drive that were recorded on Cubase on my PC. They won’t open and load into the Mac Cubase program. Not sure what I need to do. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Hmmm… I run Cubase on Mac and PC and transfer files and projects back and forth all the time. What format are the tracks, I assume WAV files?

For testing, have you tried copying the tracks to your Macs hard drive? If you open “Finder” in your Mac can you browse to the External drive and see the files (tracks) there? If your drive is formatted with NTFS I don’t think the Mac will see anything.

Copied tracks and it worked.

Same here.

Glad you got it sorted.

Good Luck!

OSX can read NTFS formatted discs, but not write to them. However, there is a thirdparty solution for this:

The same company also makes a program that allows Windows PS’s to read/write to HFS+ (Mac) formatted discs:

These can be very useful for people who routinely moves discs between OSX and Windows PSs.

These can be useful- they do require some vigilence, this type of low level stuff can create errors on the Mac side, I don’t remememer if it was the Paragon product or the one from Macdrive I had set up, but file system issues manifested on a dual boot machine.