Opening two tracks to edit in VariAudio

I am trying to do something that seems like it should be really simple, but but am having a tough time. I have two vocal tracks. I want to match the timing one of against the other manually, using VariAudio. I cannot seem to figure out how to open both tracks in the sample editor and simply drag the timing of one to visually match the other. I can open the two tracks but just can’t seem to get them to display one above the other. I have tried all variation of checking/unchecking “Link Editors” in preferences, selecting/deselecting “Edit Active Audio Event Only”. Why is this so hard? I could have sworn I saw them display like this a couple of days ago unintentionally. Am I missing something?
Windows 8 64 bit
Cubase 8.5

Select both parts, doubleclick to open edit window. Analize the first part, then in the toolbar click on the name to activate second part, and analize this part. Now they are both visual on top of each other, and you can select the part you wish to edit by clicking on the variaudio boxes over the audio.